Graduate Students

Graduate Students

We are committed to the ongoing education of our faculty, staff, and students as a part of the process of

developing and maintaining a community that provides a supportive academic environment

I found our program to provide an incredibly collaborative, critical, and creative environment. The students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars here are some of the most inspired and technically competent people I have ever met…I have received tremendous support to pursue my own research interests, develop as a teacher and communicator, and gain skills.

MaryGrace Erickson, PhD candidate

Program Specializations


Livestock Management

The graduate program in livestock management gives students the foundation, the knowledge and the skills to manage a farm as a successful business enterprise.



The nutrition graduate program within the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences is an internationally renowned group with research addressing questions spanning from applied to basic.


Meat Science & Biologics

The MSABD graduate program provides exceptional opportunities for students to gain fundamental knowledge  skills associated with the meat industry.


Endocrinology & Reproductive Physiology

The graduate program in endocrinology-reproductive physiology is focused on understanding the physiology underlying the many reproductive problems presented by livestock, primates and laboratory animals and mitigating those problems through development of improved reproductive management strategies.


Animal Breeding & Genetics

The goal of animal breeding and genetics is to optimize the genetic improvement of economically and socially important traits in livestock and companion animals. 



Biomedical focuses on developing novel uses and ways to harvest tissues, delineating the underlying mechanisms of human diseases and health disorders, and exploring organ transplants in humans.


Animal Welfare

Understanding and promoting animal welfare is an essential part of achieving sustainability in food animal production.


Lactation Physiology

The graduate program in lactation physiology is focused on studying how the mammary gland develops and utilizes nutrients to assemble milk. 


Animal & Dairy Science Doctoral Program

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Animal & Dairy Science Masters Program

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