Swine Unit

Swine Research & Teaching Center

The UW Swine Research & Teaching Center provides integral support for research, teaching and extension programs. The facility houses a 250-sow breeding herd, and allows for a total capacity of 1,500 pigs. The center includes four animal wings, an education wing and core support area with surgery and laboratory space.

This facility is dedicated to promoting a progressive swine industry in Wisconsin and the Midwest. Research is conducted to solve problems related to swine genetics, reproduction, behavior and management. Education provides information and an opportunity to learn through first-hand experience The facility is used in short course, undergraduate, graduate, professional and extension education.

Tours of the Swine Research & Teaching Center are available by appointment only. Please allow at least one week for arrangements to be made. Contact Jamie Reichert for more information.

N636 County HWY I, Arlington, Wisconsin 53911