Dairy Units

Dairy Cattle Center

The campus Dairy Cattle Center is used for both teaching and research, and is located just one block away from the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences. The DCC houses 84 milking cows in a tie-stall barn. There is a classroom attached to the facility, which allows students to have hands on access to cows during all lab practical sessions.

The DCC serves as an instructional and research facility for the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, the School of Veterinary Medicine, various short courses, and the U.S. Dairy Forage Center.

Click here to schedule a tour of the barns and the new interactive educational lobby space. Meeting and event reservations are also welcome!

1815 West Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Emmons Blaine Dairy Cattle Center

The Emmons Blaine Arlington Dairy Research Center is located in Arlington, Wisconsin in conjunction with the Arlington Agricultural Research center. This state of the art sand bedded freestall dairy facility was built in 2008, and houses 430 milking cows, 100 dry cows and over 50 calves. The facility allows for completion of pen based nutrition work, mammary and reproductive physiology research, calf growth studies, transition cow management projects and individual animal intakes.

For facility or tour information, please call (608) 846-5219. All tours must be pre-arranged. No walk in tours will be accommodated. Visitors are welcome to observe milking from 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM every day of the year.

W6723 Badger Lane
Arlington, Wisconsin 53911

Marshfield Agriculture Research Station

The Marshfield Agricultural Research Station is located near the state’s geographic center, in an area with the state’s highest concentration of dairy farms. The Marshfield station, established in 1912, is home to one of the nation’s premier dairy heifer research facilities. The station operates 955 acres of land and provides support networks for University of Wisconsin faculty research, the UW-Integrated Dairy, and the Institute for Environmentally Integrated Dairy Management. Facilities at the Marshfield Station can house up to 128 lactating dairy cows and 550 dairy replacement heifers. Scientists research advancements in animal wellbeing, physiology, and nutrition; and examine the impacts dairy cattle can have on the environment.  Heifers raised at Marshfield are part of the university’s research herd and integrate into the UW Department of Animal and Dairy Science’s milking herd, housed at the Emmons Blaine Dairy Cattle Research Center and the Dairy Cattle Center.  

208356 Drake Ave N
Stratford, Wisconsin 54484

For more information and to schedule a tour, please call 715-687-4624.