Student Profile: Sophie Henisz ’23

Sophy Henisz

Majors: Dairy Science & Spanish

Certificates: Agricultural Business Management

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Class size: ~100

Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison?  I wanted to get outside of PA and learn more about large scale dairy operations that were more prevalent in the Midwest. I also really liked the club and other development opportunities Madison had to offer.

What has been your most memorable experience? Traveling to Texas with Collegiate Farm Bureau in the Spring of my Junior year. 

What has been your favorite course? DySci535 with Ted Halbach has been my favorite class because it provides students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the classroom material we’ve been taught during our time in school. It’s unique to perform a collaborative farm audit with your peers. Getting feedback from the farmer, Ted and other industry professionals is so valuable. The class gives students no choice but to participate, learn and care about what they’re doing. 

What are you involved in? Badger Dairy Club, Collegiate Farm Bureau and Association of Women in Agriculture

How would you describe your expereince with Dairy Challenge? Dairy Challenge has been an incredible opportunity for me to synthesize what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to real world situations. As someone who will be going into consulting after I graduate, getting collaborative practice with my peers and students from other universities is invaluable. Similarly, traveling to other states for the national and regional events has helped expose me to the diversity of the dairy industry outside of Wisconsin. 

What are your future career plans? Following graduation, I will be working for Alta Genetics as a Colostrum and Transition Cow Specialst in the Midwest.