Dr. Wattiaux receives $10,000 Science Curriculum Internationalization Award

Dr. Wattiaux, professor of dairy nutrition and management, strives to further introduce students to international aspects in Dairy Science.
Dr. Wattiaux, professor of dairy nutrition and management.

Dairy Science majors will be gaining a more “worldly” perspective of the dairy industry thanks to Dr. Michel Wattiaux who was recently awarded a Science Curriculum Internationalization Award of $10,000.

The award provides financial resources for professors who strive to further introduce their students to the international aspects in a certain field. This award was designed to enhance undergraduate student learning by expanding best practices and innovation in teaching and learning, curricular design, and student services.

Wattiaux, professor of dairy nutrition and management, intends to utilize the grant by including more international-related content into his dairy courses in an effort to provide his students with opportunities to better understand the global context of today’s dairy economy.

This award will go into effect this academic year and will benefit all dairy science majors.

Wattiaux can use the funds to facilitate the planning and implementation of international-related activities such as, a study abroad program, while some may also be used to encourage international scientists to come to Madison and interact with students.

“Part of this award will also be used to help educate non-dairy science majors about dairy production and how it contributes to sustainable food production systems locally and globally,” said Wattiaux.