Dairy Science Faculty Lead Dairy Management Workshop in Spain

Eight University of Wisconsin – Madison Department of Dairy Science faculty recently traveled to Spain to lead a workshop training consultants from around the world on how to do a better job of troubleshooting and providing support for the dairy farmers they work with.

On Jan. 13-14, Blanca from the Pyrenees, in conjunction with IRTA (Barcelona) Department of Ruminant Production, hosted UW faculty and Lloyd & Daphne Holterman of Rosy-Lane Holsteins LLC near Watertown, Wis. Rosy-Lane Holsteins was the focus of the case study for which faculty interactively analyzed reproduction, nutrition, genetics, health and calf and heifer raising to present the methods they use for decision-making and creating action plans, ultimately to improve profitability for the farm.

“The dairy management workshop at Blanca from the Pyrenees in Spain was a great example of the Wisconsin Idea,” shared Department of Dairy Science Chair Kent Weigel. “Over a two-day period, we were able to share our latest research findings, tools and recommendations with veterinarians and dairy management consultants from throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. These individuals, in turn, took this information back to farmers in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, and the Ukraine. Wisconsin, and its flagship university, are recognized around the world as the hub of the dairy industry, and activities such as this workshop extend our reach well beyond the borders of Wisconsin and the United States.”

A total of 48 professionals traveled from these 13 different countries to attend the workshop. Rosy-Lane Holsteins is also taking home new ideas and practices to use. “It was a fantastic opportunity for us to have experts suggest which latest technologies to apply to our herd,” said Lloyd Holterman. “Even though we try and keep up with technology already, there are always more things to do to better care for your animals which will in turn boost your profitability.”

We would like to thank to Blanca from the Pyrenees for hosting, IRTA (Barcelona) for their participation and Lloyd & Daphne Holterman for providing and sharing the case.

Faculty Participants:
Milo Wiltbank
Lou Armentano
Randy Shaver
Laura Hernandez
Amy Stanton
Ted Halbach
Kent Weigel
Victor Cabrera

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