Extension and Teaching Funding

Current Departmental Opportunity Funds

Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program Fund

this fund was established to provide resources for the Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program.

Quin Kolb Youth Development Fund

established to support youth programming.

Joe and Sharon Darcey Youth Program Enhancement Fund

established to ensure youth activities are continued to further education.

New Funding Opportunities

New Funding Opportunity

Undergraduate Meat Science Training

This position would enable a greater number of laboratory-based courses throughout the year, enhance the ability of Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery and other faculty to offer lab-based courses; support industry-applied type research and development requests; and allow for a graduate student to be involved with coaching the meat/animal judging teams. Funding goal: $1.6 million endowment fund minimum. 

New Funding Opportunity

Undergraduate Meat Judging Program Assistant

This fund would be used to recruit a highly talented student into the graduate program at UW-Madison. The program assistant would provide the training associated with the meat judging team and provide the team with the opportunity to tour various meat-packing plants, meat-processing plants and allied industry companies. Funding goal: $500,000 endowment fund minimum.