Wei Guo

Assistant Professor - Meat Science & Muscle Biology

60% Research, 40% Teaching



Office Location

1933 Observatory Dr
2112 Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery Building
Madison, WI 53706

Wei Guo is an Assistant Professor in the Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery program (MSABD) at the Department of Animal and Dairy Science.  

Guo’s research interest is focused on posttranscriptional regulation in striated muscle (heart and skeletal muscles) development, growth, regeneration, metabolism as well as diseases using both in vitro and in vivo approaches. His other research focus is to understand the impact of maternal environmental changes on fetal prenatal and postnatal development (Fetal or Developmental Programming) using large animals as models. He is also interested in discovering new bioactive molecules or peptides from animal co-products benefiting the animal industry and human health. He has published over 47 research and review articles as well as 3 book chapters. He is currently supported by an NIH grant, USDA-NIFA and the American Heart Association (AHA) Foundation award 

He received his Ph.D. from China Agricultural University and then moved to UW-Madison for his first postdoc training in the muscle biology lab and second postdoc training in nutritional science. Prior to coming to UW-Madison as a tenure-track faculty position, he was a faculty member at the University of Wyoming. 

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

Maimaiti R, Zhu CQ, Zhang YH, Ding QY, Guo W. RBM20-mediated pre-mRNA splicing has muscle-specificity and differential hormonal responses between muscles and in muscle cell cultures. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(6), 2928; https://doi.org/10.3390/ijms22062928

Mohammadabadi M. Bordbar F, Jensen J, Du M, Guo W. Key Genes Regulating Skeletal Muscle Development and Growth in Farm Animals. Animals, 2021, 11, 835. https://doi.org/10.3390/ani11030835

Sun, MM., Jin, YT., Zhu, CQ., Zhang, YH., Liss, M., Gotthardt, M., Ren, J., Ge, Y., and Guo, W. RBM20 phosphorylation on serine/arginine domain is crucial to regulate pre-mRNA splicing and protein shuttling in the heart. 2020. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.09.15.297002.

Jay W Schneider, Saji Oommen, Muhammad Y Qureshi, Sean C Goetsch, David R Pease, Rhianna S Sundsbak, Wei Guo, Mingming Sun, Han Sun, Hidehito Kuroyanagi, et al. A ribonucleoprotein-granule pathway to heart failure in human RBM20 cardiomyopathy gene-edited pigs. Nature Medicine. 2020; 26(11): 1788-1800.

Hanfang Cai, Chaoqun Zhu, Zhilong Chen, Rexiati Maimaiti, Mingming Sun, Richard J. McCormick, Xianyong Lan, Hong Chen and Wei Guo. Angiotensin II influences pre-mRNA splicing regulation by enhancing RBM20 transcription through activation of the MAPK/ELK1 signaling pathway. Int. J Mol. Sci. 2019. 20(20): E5090. PMID: 31614708.  

Zhi Li, Jun He, Jun Jiang, Richard G. Tait Jr., Stewart Bauck, Wei Guo, Xiao-Lin Wu. Impacts of SNP genotyping call rate and SNP genotyping error rate on imputation accuracy in Holstein cattle. Hereditas (Beijing) (Yi Chuan). 2019, 41(7): 644-652. PMID: 31307973 

Qiurong Wang, Chaoqun Zhu., Mingming Sun., Rexiati Maimaiti., Stephen P. Ford, Peter W. Nathanielsz, Jun Ren and Wei Guo.  Maternal obesity impairs fetal cardiomyocytes contractile function in sheep. FASEB J. 2019; 33(2): 2587-2598. PMID: 30289749.  

Mingming Sun, Ying Tan, Maimaiti Rexiati, Maolong Dong, and Wei Guo. Obesity is as a Common Soil for Premature Cardiac Aging and Heart Diseases – Role of Autophagy. Biochimica et biophysica acta Mol Basis Dis. 2019, 1865(7): 1898-1904. PMID: 31109454.  

Lin Z., Wei LM., Cai W., Zhu YL., Tucholski T., Mitchell SD., Guo W., Ford PF., Diffee GM and Ying G. Simultaneous Quantification of Protein Expression and Modifications by Top-down Targeted Proteomics: A Case of Sarcomeric Subproteome. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics. 2018.18(3): 594-605. PMID: 30591534.  

Chen Z., Maimaiti R., Zhu C., Cai H., Stern A., Mozdziak P., Ge Y., Ford SP., Nathanielsz PW., and Guo W. Z-band and M-band titin splicing and regulation by RBM20 in striated muscles. J Cell Biochem., 2018, 119(12): 9986-9996. PMID: 30133019.   

Wei Guo, Chaoqun Zhu, Zhiyong Yin, Qiurong Wang, Mingming Sun, Huojun Cao and Marion L. Greaser. Splicing factor Rbm20 regulates transcriptional network of titin associated and calcium handling genes in the heart. Int J Biol Sci; 2018. 14(4): 369-380. PMID: 29725258.  

Zhilong Chen, Jiangping Song, Liang Chen, Hanfang Cai, Chaoqun Zhu, Mingming Sun, Allysa Stern, Paul Mozdziak, Ying Ge, Warrie J. Means and Wei Guo. Characterization of TTN novex splicing variants across species and the role of RBM20 in novex specific exon splicing. Genes (Basel). 2018. 9(2): 86-100. PMID: 29438341. 

Zhu C, Yin Z, Tan B, Guo W*. Insulin regulates titin pre-mRNA splicing through the PI3K-Akt-mTOR kinase axis in a RBM20-dependent manner. Biochimica et biophysica acta Mol Basis Dis. 2017, 1863(9): 2363-2371. PMID: 28676430.  

Chaoqun Zhu, Zhiyong Yin, Jun Ren, Richard J. McCormick, Stephen P. Ford and Wei Guo.  RBM20 is an essential factor for thyroid hormone-regulated titin isoform transition. J Mol Cell Biol. 2015. 7(1): 88-90. PMID: 25573899.  

Zhiyong Yin, Jun Ren and Wei Guo. Sarcomeric protein isoform transitions in cardiac muscle: A journey to heart failure. BBA-Molecular Basis of Disease. 2015. 1852(1): 47-52. PMID: 25446994. 

Wei Guo, Jonathan M. Pleitner, Kurt W. Saupe and Marion L. Greaser. Pathophysiological defects and transcriptional profiling in the Rbm20-/- rat model. PLOS ONE. 2013. 8(12): e84281. PMID: 24367651.   

Li S, Guo W, Dewey CN, Greaser ML. Rbm20 regulates titin alternative splicing as a splicing repressor. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013. 41(4): 2659-2672. PMID: 23307558 (Featured Article).  

Wei Guo, Schafer S, Greaser ML, Radke MH, Liss M, Govindarajan Gotthardt M et al. RBM20, a gene for hereditary cardiomyopathy, regulates titin splicing. Nat. Med. 2012. 18: 766-773. PMID: 22466703 (Article received an Editorial in Nat. Med. (18: 660-661) and Dis. Model. Mech. (5:287). 

Selected Book Chapters

Greaser, M.L. and Guo Wei. 2011. “Post-mortem Muscle Chemistry” In: “Handbook of Meat and Meat Processing, Second Edition”, ed. YH Hui, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, pp70-78. 

Greaser, M.L. and Guo Wei. 2014. “Proteins” In “Handbook of Muscle Foods Analysis, Second Edition”, ed, Leo M.L.Nollet, Fidel Toldra, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, PP357-368 

Guo Wei and Greaser, M.L. 2016. “Muscle Structure, Proteins and Meat Quality” in “New aspects of meat quality-from genes to ethics”, ed. Peter Purslow, Elsevier, Philadelphia, PA, PP13-32 

Undergraduate Courses

An Sci 375 – Animal Growth & Development (3 credits, Fall)
Course description: This course discusses animal growth and development from a single cell to an organism. Major subjects are focusing on factors influencing prenatal and postnatal growth and development, and tissues related to animal production, including muscle, adipose, connective tissue, mammary tissue and bone. The purpose of this course is to enhance the knowledge and ability of participants to improve growth rate of domestic animals and to increase the quality of carcasses and meat and dairy production.
Requirements: Zoology 151 and 152 or Zoology 101 and 102.

Jeffery Gao Ph.D. Dissertation committee chair

Animal &Dairy Science Research and Graduate Education Committee

James Whalin Ph.D. Dissertation committee member

Ad hoc grant reviewer for NASA Human Research Program (HRP) (2020)

Ad hoc grant reviewer for Medical Research Council (MRC) of United Kingdom (2018)

Ad hoc grant reviewer for Michigan Diabetes Research Center Regional Grant program (2018)

Ad hoc grant reviewer for the American University of Beirut (AUB) grant review, Lebanon (2018)

Grant reviewer for the Scientific Peer Advisory and Review Services division of the American Institute of Biological Science (2018-present)

Ad-Hoc reviewer for the Mountain West Clinical and Translational Research Infrastructure Network (CTR-IN) Pilot Grant (2016)

Abstract reviewer for the American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB) (2016-present)

Abstract reviewer for the American Heart Association (AHA) (2016-present)

Study section member for the American Heart Association (AHA) pre-doctoral funding program (2015-2019)

Study section member for the American Heart Association (AHA) early career development funding program (2019-present)

Journal reviewer for over 30 peer-reviewed journals (2010-present) 

Wyoming AES Outstanding Young Scientist Award (2018) 

NIH IDeA Western Regional Conference Session Chair-Las Vegas, NV (2017) 

Wyoming INBRE Bioinformatics Program Award (2016) 

Outstanding Poster Presentation Award in the China-USA Cardiovascular Symposium at AHA Scientific Conference-Orlando, FL (2015) 

Young Investigator Outstanding Presentation Award in the ACRE/CNAHA Cardiovascular Research Symposium at AHA Scientific Conference-Chicago, IL (2014) 

Xi-an International Cardiovascular Forum and the 19th Xijing-Mayo clinic cardiovascular symposium session chair-Xi’an, China (2014) 

Honorary fellow at Department of Animal Science at UW-Madison (2011-2013) 

Abstract and Oral presentation Award for Excellence at International Meeting of Myofilament Protein Function-Madison, WI (2012) 

Wei Guo, Marion Greaser, Michael Gotthardt, Norbert Hubner, (equally contribution). polynucleotides for diagnostic and prognostic of a cardiac disease. European Patent: application #: 10736605.6-1222/ Patent #: EP2446059