Wei Guo

Assistant Professor - Meat Science & Muscle Biology

60% Research, 40% Teaching



Office Location

1933 Observatory Dr
2112 Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery Building
Madison, WI 53706

Wei Guo is an Assistant Professor in the Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery program (MSABD) at the Department of Animal and Dairy Science.  

Guo’s research interest is focused on posttranscriptional regulation in striated muscle (heart and skeletal muscles) development, growth, regeneration, metabolism as well as diseases using both in vitro and in vivo approaches. His other research focus is to understand the impact of maternal environmental changes on fetal prenatal and postnatal development (Fetal or Developmental Programming) using large animals as models. He is also interested in discovering new bioactive molecules or peptides from animal co-products benefiting the animal industry and human health. He has published over 47 research and review articles as well as 3 book chapters. He is currently supported by an NIH grant, USDA-NIFA and the American Heart Association (AHA) Foundation award 

He received his Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from China Agricultural University and then moved to UW-Madison for his first postdoc training in the muscle biology lab and second postdoc training in nutritional science. Prior to coming to UW-Madison as a tenure-track faculty position, he was a faculty member at the University of Wyoming. 

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

Zhang Y, Wang C, Sun M, Jin Y, Braz CU, Khatib H, Hacker TA, Liss M, Gotthardt M, Granzier H, Ge Y, Guo W*. RBM20 phosphorylation and its role in nucleocytoplasmic transport and cardiac pathogenesis. FASEB J.2022 May;36(5):e22302. PubMed PMID: 35394688;

Larson, Eli J., Gregorich, Zachery R., Zhang, Yanghai, Li, Brad H., Aballo, Timothy J., Melby, Jake A., Ge, Ying and Guo, Wei*. ablation is associated with changes in the expression of titin-interacting and metabolic proteins. Mol. Omics, 2022, 18, 627-634

Sun, M.; Jin, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Gregorich, Z.R.; Ren, J.; Ge, Y.; Guo, W*. SR Protein Kinases Regulate the Splicing of Cardiomyopathy-Relevant Genes via Phosphorylation of the RSRSP Stretch in RBM20. Genes. 2022, 13, 1526. https://doi.org/10.3390/genes13091526

Liu Y, Ding Q, Guo W*. Life Course Impact of Glucocorticoids During Pregnancy on Muscle Development and Function. Front. Anim. Sci. 2021; 2: 83-89; DOI: 10.3389/fanim.2021.788930.

Wang C, Zhang Y, Methawasin M, Braz CU, Gao-Hu J, Yang B, Strom J, Gohlke J, Hacker T, Khatib H, Granzier H, Guo W*. RBM20S639Gmutation is a high genetic risk factor for premature death through RNA-protein condensates. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2022; 165:115-129. PMID: 35041844.

Liu Y, Ding Q, Halderson, SJ, Arriola Apelo SI, Jones AK, Pillai SM, Hoffman ML, Reed SA, Govoni, KE, Zinn SA, Guo W*. Maternal overnutrition during gestation in sheep alters autophagy associated pathways in offspring heart. Front. Genet. 2022, 12:742704. PMID: 35173761

Wei Guo*, Chaoqun Zhu, Zhiyong Yin, Yanghai Zhang, Chunyan Wang, Andrea Sanchez Walk, Ying-Hsi Lin, Timothy A. McKinsey, Kathleen C. Woulfe, Jun Ren, and Herbert G. Chew, Jr. The Ryanodine Receptor Stabilizer S107 Ameliorates Contractility of Adult Rbm20 Knockout Rat Cardiomyocytes. Physiol Rep. 2021, 9(17): e15011. PMID: 34523360

Maimaiti R, Zhu CQ, Zhang YH, Ding QY, Guo W*. RBM20-mediated pre-mRNA splicing has muscle-specificity and differential hormonal responses between muscles and in muscle cell cultures. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(6): 2928. PMID: 33805770

Mohammadabadi M. Bordbar F, Jensen J, Du M, Guo W. Key Genes Regulating Skeletal Muscle Development and Growth in Farm Animals. Animals, 2021, 11 (3): 835. PMID: 33809500

Mingming Sun, Yutong Jin, Chaoqun Zhu, Yanghai Zhang, Martin Liss, MichaelGotthardt, Jun RenYing Ge, Wei Guo*. RBM20 phosphorylation on serine/arginine domain is crucial to regulate pre-mRNA splicing and protein shuttling in the heart. bioRxiv 2020.09.15.297002; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.09.15.297002

Jay W Schneider, Saji Oommen, Muhammad Y Qureshi, Sean C Goetsch, David R Pease, Rhianna S Sundsbak, Wei Guo, Mingming Sun, Han Sun, Hidehito Kuroyanagi, et al. A ribonucleoprotein-granule pathway to heart failure in human RBM20 cardiomyopathy gene-edited pigs. Nature Medicine. 2020; 26(11): 1788-1800.

Farhad Bordbar, Just Jensen, Min Du, Abeid Adam, Wei Guo, Lingyang Xu, Huijiang Gao, Lupei Zhang, Junya Li. Identification and validation of a novel candidate gene regulating net meat weight in Simmental beef cattle based on imputed next-generation sequencing. Cell Proliferation. 2020; 53(9): e12870. PMID: 32722873

Zhi Li, Xiao-Lin Wu, Wei Guo*, Jun He, Hao Li, Guilherme J. M. Rosa, Daniel Gianola, Richard G. Tait Jr., Jamie Parham, John Genho, Tom Schultz, Stewart Bauck. Estimation of genomic breed composition of individual animals in composite beef cattle. Animal Genetics. 2020. 51(3): 457-460.

Selected Book Chapters

Greaser, M.L. and Guo Wei. 2011. “Post-mortem Muscle Chemistry” In: “Handbook of Meat and Meat Processing, Second Edition”, ed. YH Hui, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, pp70-78. 

Greaser, M.L. and Guo Wei. 2014. “Proteins” In “Handbook of Muscle Foods Analysis, Second Edition”, ed, Leo M.L.Nollet, Fidel Toldra, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, PP357-368 

Guo Wei and Greaser, M.L. 2016. “Muscle Structure, Proteins and Meat Quality” in “New aspects of meat quality-from genes to ethics”, ed. Peter Purslow, Elsevier, Philadelphia, PA, PP13-32 

Undergraduate Courses

An Sci 375 – Animal Growth & Development (3 credits, Fall)
Course description: This course discusses animal growth and development from a single cell to an organism. Major subjects are focusing on factors influencing prenatal and postnatal growth and development, and tissues related to animal production, including muscle, adipose, connective tissue, mammary tissue and bone. The purpose of this course is to enhance the knowledge and ability of participants to improve growth rate of domestic animals and to increase the quality of carcasses and meat and dairy production.
Requirements: Zoology 151 and 152 or Zoology 101 and 102.

Research and Graduate Education Committee. (2020-present)

Search Committee for Lab manager position of Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery (MSABD) program. (2021-2022)

Review Editor, Avian Physiology in Frontiers in Physiology, (2022-present)

Guest Editor for a Special Issue titled “Genetics and Mechanistic Basis of cardiomyopathies” for journal Genes. (2022.)

Editorial Board Member, Journal Molecular Medicine Reports. (2021-present)

Serve as a local organizing committee member for International Society of Heart Research (ISHR)-North American Section (NAS) scientific conference. (2022)

Secretary and Chair for NC 1184 Multi-state meeting. (2021-2022)

Organizing committee member for Global Summit on Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (ASVM2020), Toyota, Japan. (2020)

Co-chair for symposium session 10 at International Society of Heart Research (ISHR)-North American Section (NAS) scientific conference. (2020)

Grant reviewers for NIH, AHA, NASA and other funding agencies. (2015-present)

Nominee of the Elton D. and Carrie R. Aberle Faculty Fellow Award (2022)

Co-chair for symposium 10: HFpEF at 40th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Heart Research (ISHR)-North American Section (NAS) in Denver, CO (2021)

Honorary Research Assistant professor, Department of Animal Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI (2019)

Wyoming AES Outstanding Young Scientist Award (2018) 

NIH IDeA Western Regional Conference Session Chair-Las Vegas, NV (2017) 

Wyoming INBRE Bioinformatics Program Award (2016) 

Outstanding Poster Presentation Award in the China-USA Cardiovascular Symposium at AHA Scientific Conference-Orlando, FL (2015) 

Young Investigator Outstanding Presentation Award in the ACRE/CNAHA Cardiovascular Research Symposium at AHA Scientific Conference-Chicago, IL (2014) 

Xi-an International Cardiovascular Forum and the 19th Xijing-Mayo clinic cardiovascular symposium session chair-Xi’an, China (2014) 

Honorary fellow at Department of Animal Science at UW-Madison (2011-2013) 

Abstract and Oral presentation Award for Excellence at International Meeting of Myofilament Protein Function-Madison, WI (2012) 

Wei Guo, Marion Greaser, Michael Gotthardt, Norbert Hubner, (equally contribution). polynucleotides for diagnostic and prognostic of a cardiac disease. European Patent: application #: 10736605.6-1222/ Patent #: EP2446059