Ron Kean

Faculty Associate and Extension Specialist - Poultry Science

70% Extension, 30% Teaching



Office Location

1675 Observatory Dr
281 Animal Sciences Building
Madison, WI 53706

Ron Kean is a faculty associate and extension specialist in the Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences.  He grew up on a small diversified farm in Nebraska.  He received a BS in Animal Sciences from the University of Nebraska (’90) and an MS in Animal Breeding from Iowa State University (’93).  In 1992, Kean came to UW as a lecturer and research manager for the Poultry Research Lab on campus, as well as two poultry research farms at the Arlington ARS.  With the closure of the Arlington farms, and a department merger, Ron transitioned to more teaching and extension in 1997. 

In his extension role, Ron covers many aspects of poultry science, including nutrition, health, incubation, and management.  Species include chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese, pheasants, etc.  He works with youth and adults, and works with various levels of production from urban chickens and hobby poultry, to both small and large commercial flocks. 

Undergraduate Courses

An Sci 200 – The Biology and Appreciation of Companion Animals (3 credits, All Semesters)
Course Description: A systematic coverage of many of the animals (including birds) that humans keep as their social companions. The classification, nutritional requirements, environmental considerations, reproductive habits, health, legal aspects and economics of companion animals and their supportive organizations.
Requirements: Crse in zoo or equiv or cons inst. Open to Fr

An Sci 375 – Exploring Poultry (Spring)

Animal & Dairy Sciences Undergraduate Committee
Animal & Dairy Sciences Scholarship Committee
Poultry Science Club campus organization advisor
Pre-vet association – UW-Madison chapter co-advisor
Wisconsin Poultry & Egg Industries Assn. secretary/treasurer
Midwest Poultry Consortium Center of Excellence – course instructor
eXtension Small & Backyard Poultry website – contributor    

Midwest Poultry Consortium COE Faculty Member of the Year – 2022

Midwest Poultry Consortium Outstanding Service Award 2004