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Luiz Ferraretto is originally from Brazil where he earned his B.S. in Animal Science from São Paulo State University in 2008. Immediately after the completion of his B.S. Degree, Luiz joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison for an internship (2009) followed by an M.S. (2011) and Ph.D. (2015) in dairy science with a focus on applied dairy nutrition and forage quality. After the completion of his Ph.D., Luiz joined The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute as a Post-doctoral Research Associate. From 2016 to 2020, Luiz was an Assistant Professor of Livestock Nutrition at the University of Florida. Luiz joined UW-Madison in May of 2020. 

His research and extension interests are applied ruminant nutrition and management. His program is focused on understanding and improving starch and fiber utilization by dairy cows, corn silage and high-moisture corn quality and digestibility, the use of alternative by-products as feed ingredients, supplementation of feed additives to lactating cows, and the development of on-farm and laboratory techniques for forage and feed analysis. 

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

Varela, J., L. F. Ferraretto, S. M. Kaeppler, and N. de Leon. 2023. Effect of endosperm and storage length of whole-plant corn silage on nitrogen fraction, fermentation products, zein profile and starch digestibility. J. Dairy Sci. In press

Oyebade, A. O, S. Lee, H. Sultana, K. Arriola, E. Duvalsaint, C. N. de Guzman, I. F. Marenchino, L. M. Pacheco, F. Amaro, L. G. Ghizzi, L. Mu, H. Guan, K. V. de Almeida, B. R. Andrade, J. Zhao, P. Tian, C. Cheng, Y. Jiang, J. Driver, O. Queiroz, L. F. Ferraretto, I. M. Ogunade, A. T. Adesogan, D. Vyas. 2023. Effects of direct-fed microbial supplementation on performance and immune response of lactating dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. In press

Piran Filho, F. A., J. M. Bragatto, C. S. Parra, S. M. S. Silva, P. J. Roco, L. F. Ferraretto, M. N. Pereira, and J. L. P. Daniel. 2023. Physical effectiveness of corn silage fractions stratified with the Penn State particle separator for lactating dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci.

Souza, M. S., M. R. Pupo, E. C. Diepersloot, M. S. Akins, and L. F. Ferraretto. 2023. Effects of chemical additive and packing density on the fermentation profile and nutrient composition of ensiled cocktail forage mix. J. Dairy Sci. Comm. 4:255-259.

Mirzaei, A., V. R. Merenda, L. F. Ferraretto, R. D. Shaver, F. Penagaricano, and R. C. Chebel. 2023. Individual animal variability in rumination, activity, and lying behavior during the periparturient period of dairy cattle. J. Dairy Sci. Comm. 4:205-209.

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Gilbertson, M. N. Mills, M. Soltis, L. G. Ghizzi, J. O. Gusmão, L. F. Ferraretto, and A. P. Faciola. 2023. Effects of exogenous amylolytic and fibrolytic enzymes inclusion on in
vitro fermentation of lactating dairy cow diets in a dual-flow continuous culture system. J. Dairy Sci. 106:1002-1012.

Podversich, F., F. Tarnonsky, J. M. Bollatti, G. M. Silva, T. M. Schulmeister, J. J. Vargas Martinez, D. Heredia, I. R. Ipharraguerre, F. Bargo, A. Gonella-Diaza, J. C. B. Dubeux, L. F. Ferraretto, and N. DiLorenzo. 2023. Effects of Aspergillus oryzae prebiotic on
animal performance, nutrients digestibility, and feeding behavior of backgrounding beef heifers fed with either a sorghum silage- or a byproducts-based diet. J. Anim. Sci.

Naderi, N., G. R. Ghorbani, H. Erfani, and L. F. Ferraretto. 2022. Feeding byproduct-based concentrates instead of human-edible feed ingredients increases net food production and improves performance of high-producing Holstein cows. Animals

Saylor, B. A., C. Heinzen Jr., E. C. Diepersloot, and L. F. Ferraretto. 2022. Effect of microbial inoculation and storage length on fermentation profile and nutrient composition
of high-moisture maize ensiled at two different dry matter concentrations. J. Anim. Sci. skac254

Pech-Cervantes, A. A., L. F. Ferraretto, and I. M. Ogunade. 2022. Meta-analysis of the effect of the dietary application of exogenous alpha-amylase preparations on
performance, nutrient digestibility, and rumen fermentation of lactating dairy cows. J. Anim. Sci. skac189

Diepersloot, E. C., M. R. Pupo, L. G. Ghizzi, C. Heinzen Jr., and L. F. Ferraretto. 2022. Effect of wilting and microbial inoculation on the fermentation profile, nutrient
composition, and aerobic stability of Bermudagrass silage. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol. 290:115376.

Pupo, M. R., M. O. Wallau, and L. F. Ferraretto. 2022. Effects of season, variety-type, and trait on dry matter yield, nutrient composition, and predicted intake and milk yield of
whole-plant sorghum forage. J. Dairy Sci. 105:5776-5785.

Ravelo, A. D., D. Vyas, L. F. Ferraretto, and A. P. Faciola. 2022. Effect of sucrose and lactose as a partial replacement to corn in lactating dairy cow diets. A review. Transl. Anim, Sci. 6:txac044.

Diepersloot, E. C., C. Heinzen Jr., B. A. Saylor, and L. F. Ferraretto. 2022. Effect of cutting height, microbial inoculation, and storage length on fermentation profile and
nutrient composition of whole-plant maize silage. Transl. Anim. Sci. 6:txac037.

Heinzen Jr, C., M. C. N. Agarussi, E. C. Diepersloot, and L. F. Ferraretto. 2022. Effects of microbial inoculation on dry matter losses, fermentation profile, and aerobic stability of wet brewers grain stored with increasing concentrations of dry ground corn. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol. 286:115257.

Selected Conference Proceedings

Ferraretto, L. F. 2023. Corn silage fiber digestibility. Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium Forage Conservation. Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic. Pages 27- 31.

Ferraretto, L. F. 2021. Dietary fiber and starch for dairy cows: new perspectives from the Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle study report. Proc. VIII SIMLEITE. Pages 49-60.

Saylor, B., and L. Ferraretto. 2021. Factors affecting the nutritive value and fermentation of high-moisture corn. Proceedings of SIPEL-Simpósio Internacional da Pecuária Leiteira. Pages 26-41.

Ferraretto, L. 2021. Fiber and starch digestibility in corn silage. In: Proc. of California Animal Nutrition Conference. Sacramento, CA. Pages 88-94.

Ferraretto, L. F. 2021. Feeding corn silage to dairy cows. In: Proc. 82nd Minnesota Nutrition Conference and ADM Pre-Conference. Mankato, MN. (Abstract)

Ferraretto, L. 2020. Production and utilization of sorghum silage in dairy herds. Proc. Ifina – Nutrile – Actualizacion anual en nutricion de bovinos de leche. Argentina.

Ferraretto, L. F. 2019. Forage analysis: Challenges and solution. Proc. XIX Congreso Bienal AMENA – Forjando nuevos horizontes en nutricion animal. Puerto Vallarta,
Jalisco, Mexico. Pages 36-39.

Ferraretto, L. F., A. T. Adesogan, K. G. Arriola, E. M. Paula, and D. Vyas. 2019. Strategies to improve fiber digestibility of whole-plant corn silage. Proc. I Simpósio Internacional de Nutrição de Gado de Leite. Uberlandia, MG, Brazil. Pages 47-55.

Ferraretto, L. F. 2019. Length of silage storage: What does it change? Proc. IX Simfor. Viçosa, MG, Brazil. Pages 171-182.

Ferraretto, L. F. 2019. New perspectives on fiber and starch digestibility of corn silage. Proc. Four-State Dairy Nutr. & Mgmt. Conf. Dubuque, IA. Pages 164-169.

Ferraretto, L. F. 2019. Optimizing the role of starch as an energy source for dairy cows. In: Proc. 28th Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference, Fort Wayne, IN. Pages 17-26.

Adesogan, A. T., K. G. Arriola, Y. Jiang, A. Oyebade, E. M. Paula, A. A. Pech-Cervantes, J. J. Romero, L. F. Ferraretto, and D. Vyas. 2019. Technologies for improving fiber
utilization. In: Proc. 30th Florida Ruminant Nutrition Symposium, Gainesville, FL. Pages 96-118.

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Ferraretto, L. F., E. M. Paula, C. S. Ballard, C. J. Sniffen, and I. Shinzato. 2018. Impact of essential amino acid balancing postpartum on lactation performance by dairy cows. In:Proc. 29th Florida Ruminant Nutrition Symposium, Gainesville, FL. Pages 1-12.

Selected Popular Press Articles

Ferraretto, L. 2023.Are you ready for the 2023 corn silage harvest? Midwest Forage Association Forage Focus, August issue. Pg. 20-21.

Ferraretto, L. 2023. How to maximize the nutritional value of silage in a less-than-perfect growing season. Wisconsin State Farmer July 31st, 2023.

Ferraretto, L. 2023. Silage-specific corn hybrids for dairy cattle diets. University of Wisconsin Division of Extension – Dairy.

Ferraretto, L. 2023. High-quality fiber should be the focus. Hoard’s Dairyman Intel, June 8th 2023.

Ferraretto, L. 2023. Fecal starch calculator – Background and guide. University of Wisconsin Division of Extension – Dairy.

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Ferraretto, L. 2021. The challenges and rewards of feeding byproducts. Wisconsin State Farmer December 19th, 2021.

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