Lautaro Rostoll-Cangiano

PhD / Assistant Professor in Bovine Immunology



(608) 262-6668

Office Location

Animal Sciences

1675 Observatory Drive, Office 752

Madison WI, 53706

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph, Canada (2022)

PhD in Animal Sciences,

Area of Study: Immune and intestinal development of dairy calves

Master of Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA (2018)

MS in Animal Sciences, Department of Animal Science

Area of Study: Immune function during weaning

Agricultural Engineering, College of Agricultural Sciences, Universidad de Cordoba , Cordoba, Argentina (2015)

Selected Peer Reviewed Articles 

De los Santos, J.A., Andrade, J.P.N., Rostoll-Cangiano, L., Iriarte, A., Peñagaricano, F. and Parrish, J.J. 2023. Transcriptomic analysis reveals gene expression changes in peripheral white blood cells of cows after embryo transfer: implications for pregnancy tolerance. Reprod Dom Anim.

Lammers K, MA Steele, and LR Cangiano. 2023. Technical Note: A novel method for isolation and flow cytometry analysis of intraepithelial lymphocytes from colon biopsies. JDS Communications.

Cangiano LR, C Villot, J Renaud, IR Ipharraguerre, B McNeil, TJ DeVries, and MA Steele. 2022. Induction of leaky gut by repeated intramuscular injections of indomethacin to preweaned Holstein calves. J Dairy Sci.

Cangiano LR, DD Henry, FM Ciriaco, JC Quintela, N DiLorenzo, and IR Ipharraguerre. 2022. Triterpenes From Olea europaea Modulate In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation. Translational Anim. Sci.

Silva GM, F Podversich, TM Schulmeister, C Sanford, LR Cangiano, CD Nelson, N. DiLorenzo. 2021. Impacts of polyclonal antibody preparations from avian origin as a feed additive to beef cattle: immune responses during the step-up transition diets. J Anim Sci. Vol. 99, No. 12, 1–9.

Van Niekerk JK, AJ Fischer-Tlustos, JN Wilms, KS Hare, AC Welboren, AJ Lopez, TT Yohe, LR Cangiano, LN Leal, MA Steele. 2021. ADSA Foundation Scholar Award: New frontiers in calf and heifer nutrition-From conception to puberty. J Dairy Sci. 104:8341–8362.

Cangiano LR, TT Yohe, MA Steele, and DL Renaud. 2020. Invited Review: Strategic use of microbial-based probiotics and prebiotics in dairy calf rearing. Appl. Anim. Sci. 36:630-651.

Buss LN, TT Yohe, LR Cangiano, DL Renaud, AJ Keunen, LL Guan, MA Steele. 2021. The effect of neomycin inclusion in milk replacer on the health, growth, and performance of male Holstein calves preweaning. J. Dairy Sci. 104:8188–8201.

Cangiano LR, MG Zenobi, CD Nelson, IR Ipharraguerre, N Dilorenzo. 2019. A bioactive extract from Olea europaea protects newly weaned beef heifers against experimentally induced chronic inflammation. J. Anim. Sci. vol. 97,10: 4349-4361.

Selected Book Chapters

Cangiano LR, MA Steele. 2021. Manejo de las guacheras y recría de la reposición (Calf and heifer management). ©IRAC ISBN: 978-987-4428-12-7.

AN SCI/DY SCI 373 – Animal Physiology (3 credits, Spring/Summer) Course Description: Students will develop an understanding of physiological processes that regulate the body, learn the anatomy and function of different physiological systems, describe interactions between organ systems, study regulation of an organ system from the molecular to whole animal level, and identify differences between species in the same systems.

ADSA Task Force for Diversity equity and inclusion (2022 — Present)

President of ADSA-Graduate Student Division (2021 — Present)

Planning Committee for ADSA Annual Meeting 2022 (2021 — 2022)

Vice President of ADSA-Graduate Student Division (2020 — 2021)

Chair of the Career development Committe, ADSA-Graduate Student Division (2020 — 2021)

Science Outreach Prize, University of Guelph (2022)

Highly Qualified Personnel, University of Guelph (2020)