Swine in Biomedical Research Conference

The Swine in Biomedical Research Conference 2024 (SBR 2024), to be hosted at the lakeside University of Wisconsin-Madison, is the eighth in the quintessential conference series. SBR 2022 welcomed a new era of translational research in pigs, that promises to accelerate the discovery and development of clinically relevant therapies and technologies. SBR 2024 will advance this mission and continue to foster collaborations between clinicians, biomedical researchers and animal scientists, and spark partnerships with the biomedical industry. Come immerse yourself in innovative research in porcine models, a welcoming community, and the beautiful lakefront ambiance!

The planned sessions will:

  • Identify unmet clinical needs and existing gaps in research.
  • Showcase porcine models and reveal their strengths and limitations.
  • Highlight innovative use of models for tackling clinical problems.
  • Discuss novel tools for advancing biomedical swine research.
  • Explore the need for biomedical swine research facilities, resources and expertise (Special Panel Session).



• Genetic Engineering & Embryology
• Porcine Research Tools & Resources
• Cell-Based Therapies & Regenerative Medicine • Xenotransplantation
• Obesity & Metabolic Disorders
• Neurology & Neurosciences
• Oncology
• Orthopedics
• Aging Research
• Pain Research
• Model Validation: Defining Phenotyping & Pathology Standards

Biomedical Minipigs
• Infection Research
• Immunology / Immunotherapy • Rare Diseases
• One Health
• Cardiovascular Medicine
• Surgical Innovation
• Medical Imaging
• Drugs & Devices
• Early Childhood Development • Eye Research
• and more….