Applications being accepted for an animal care technician at the Emmons Blaine Arlington Dairy Research Center – deadline to apply is April 9

The Emmons Blaine Arlington Dairy Research Center is part of the Integrated Dairy Facilities for the Department of Animal and Dairy Science at UW-Madison.

The animal care technician position is involved in all aspects of the research dairy operations, including but not limited to, milking, feeding, cleaning, animal handling, and animal health observations at the facility. The daily responsibilities will include all activities involved with milking cows, taking and processing composite milk samples, and observing and handling the lactating cows in the research herd. The incumbent in this position must function with close, progressing to limited supervision over time once a clear understanding of the Standard Operating Procedures is developed. This position requires a high level of attention to detail in order to meet compliance needs of the research facility as well as that of a facility selling a food grade product. The person filling this role will need to be skilled in following written and oral instructions as directed by management and research protocols.

The Emmons Blaine Arlington Dairy was built in 2008, and is home to 500 milking cows, roughly 100 dry cows, and 100 neo-natal calves. This sand bedded freestall dairy facility, in the heart of the Arlington Ag Research Station just 20 miles north of Madison, allows for the completion of pen-based nutrition work, mammary and reproductive physiology research, welfare and behavioral sciences studies, calf growth research, transition cow management projects, and individual animal intake information.

The position description can be found here. To apply, click here.