CALS Arthur J. and Ellen A. Maurer Extra Mile Award presented to Ted Halbach

Theodore J. Halbach has been a Faculty Associate in the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences since 2013. Halbach has been with the department since 1998, where he has served as the Farm and Industry Short Course Program Direction, Dairy Cattle Evaluation Instructor, and Extension Dairy Youth Specialist.

Halbach is a tireless promotor and recruiter of undergraduates for the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences. He is constantly reaching out to those who he believes can make a positive impact on the dairy industry here at UW–Madison. He believes strongly in the education that students can receive at UW, and he recruits students by sharing first-hand the experiences and opportunities that students and their parents can expect in college and throughout their careers in the dairy industry. To help support these students, Halbach has worked to develop the Production Agriculture Initiative, which ensures that students from rural communities who wish to study in agriculture-related fields receive a second screening of transcripts, extracurricular activities, and career goals before being denied admission.

Additionally, Halbach had developed multiple scholarships for students. Since his arrival at UW, he has gathered over a million dollars to support students. Halbach has established several $5,000 per year “Legacy Scholarships” for students in Animal and Dairy Sciences, established the Darcey Youth Program Enhancement Fund which has contributed over a quarter of a million dollars for dairy youth programs and high-impact undergraduate activities, and established the Dive Dickson Memorial Golf Classic which draws alumni and stakeholders that annually raises tens of thousands of dollars.

Thanks to Halbach’s commitment, effort, and success in youth development, the department’s enrollment has remained steady despite the significant reduction in the number of dairy farms. He exemplifies a faculty member who provides exceptional service and is very worthy of the Arthur J. and Ellen A. Maurer Extra Mile Award.

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