Graduate Profile: Jordan Nehls

Name: Jordan Nehls

Hometown: Janesville, WI

Undergraduate University: UW-Madison

Please briefly describe your research.

I’m studying lethality of Salmonella on the surface of meat products cooked in a high-temperature, short-time and high-air velocity oven, also known as an impingement oven.

Why did you choose to attend UW-Madison for graduate study?

I chose this university and Dr. Sindelar because I wanted to study food safety and thermal processing, topics I have a strong interest in, and conduct practical, useful, and hopefully impactful research for the meat industry.

What resources have proven invaluable to your academic success at UW (e.g. campus, departmental facilities or staff, the state’s dairy industry)?

The new Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery (MSABD) building, Animal & Dairy Science Department faculty and staff, fellow graduate students, the meat industry.

In your own words, how would you describe the academic environment at UW?

The professors at UW-Madison, who are experts in their area of study, are willing to share their wealth of knowledge and collaborate with others to forward teaching and research. Students are able to see real-world examples and practical uses of their current studies. The professors stimulate active learning and critical thinking for students.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I have no set post-graduation plans yet.

If you could advice to students that are interested in attending UW-Madison in the Animal & Dairy Science Department what would it be?

If you are interested in studying meat science or animal biologics, then UW-Madison is a great option for you! The new MSABD building has amazing capabilities and will assist in producing innovative and impactful research.