Senior Profile: Diana Zimdars

Name: Diana ZimdarsSenior profile pix
Hometown: Ripon, WI
High School: Ripon High School
Class Size: 133
Farm: Zimdars Family Farm
Major: Dairy Science

Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison?
I am a transfer student from UW-Fond du Lac, and I decided to transfer to finish my education from a leading university in agriculture. UW-Madison offers many opportunities to work with professors who are conducting research for the future and opportunities to learn from all of their experiences. This university shows that there is a bright future for the dairy industry.

What has been your most memorable college experience?
My most memorable college experience would be college football games. Being in the student section of the stands gives you a feeling of school unity when playing against our opponents. It is just a blast cheering for our fellow students.

What has been your favorite course?
My favorite course was Dairy Science 233 & 234: Dairy Herd Management. We were able to learn from instructors that were working in all different areas of the dairy industry. With this class, we were also able to visit many different types of businesses within the dairy industry from farms to methane digesters and a cheese maker. I enjoyed the exposure and learning in a more hands-on environment, both which give you practical knowledge of the dairy industry.

What are your future career goals?
I am going to pursue a career in the AI industry. I had an internship at Alta Genetics this last summer. I loved working in that part of the dairy industry, and I hope to have a future in it. I also hope to be close to home to give back to my community that supported me through all of my years.