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The Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences collaborates in research across many facets to advance agriculture and learning.

Faculty and Staff

Michel Wattiaux
Professor – Dairy Systems Management

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles


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Selected Book Chapters


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Selected Conference Proceedings


Wattiaux, M. A. 2020. Use of technology to increase interest in learning (in small enrollment, discussion-based courses); Invited presentation, June , 2020, Online National meetings of ADSA.


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Selected Popular Press Articles


Wattiaux, M. A. 2013. Are we graduating the right graduates? To ensure the dairy industry will thrive, we must focus on transferring vital knowledge, developing the proper skills and providing valuable experience. Hoard’s Dairyman April 25, 2013:275. 

Selected Research Posters


Wattiaux, M. A. 2019. Changing students’ worldviews on animal agriculture and global sustainable development. UW-Madison, CALS Global Symposium April 9, 2019.


Stefanos, S., M. A. Wattiaux, E. Silva, and A. Morales. Using debate preparation in and interdisciplinary, capstone-like college course to promote critical thinking about food systems, sustainability and climate change. UW-Madison Teaching and Learning Symposium.