Sofia Ortega

Assistant Professor- Reproductive Physiology




Office Location

Animal Sciences

1675 Observatory Drive, Office 758

Madison, WI 53706

Dr. Ortega is originally from Honduras where she completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences at Zamorano Agricultural University in 2003. For the next five years she worked managing the first bull stud in Honduras owned by the Cattlemen Fund of Honduras. From 2009-2011 she completed a Master of Sciences in Animal Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile studying Kappa-Casein genotypes and their effects in milk and cheese production in Montbeliarde-Holstein cattle. She later moved to the US and did a Ph.D.  in Animal Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Florida from 2012-2016, focusing on the genetic control of reproduction and embryonic development in dairy cattle. In 2017, she joined The University of Missouri as a postdoctoral fellow studying mechanisms involved in pregnancy establishment in cattle using systems biology and genetic engineering approaches. She continued at the University of Missouri from 2019-2022 as an Assistant professor of Reproductive Physiology, studying male influences on pregnancy establishment. In August 2022, Dr. Ortega was recruited to the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an Assistant Professor of Reproductive Physiology to continue with her line of research. Her program focuses on the genetic regulation of fertility with an emphasis in preimplantation embryonic development and placentation in the bovine. She uses novel genomic approaches including gene editing, to investigate the effect of reproduction-related genes on development and physiology. The long-term goal of her program is to identify key variants and mechanisms associated with pregnancy establishment and use that information to improve reproduction and genetic selection for fertility in cattle.


Selected Peer Reviewed Articles 

Ortega MS, Bickhart DM, Clark KN, Null DJ, Hutchison JL, McClure, Cole JB. (2021) Truncation of IFT80 causes early embryonic loss in cattle. doi: Journal of Dairy Science.2022-21853

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Ortega MS, Rocha-Frigoni NAS, Mingoti GZ, Roth Z, Hansen PJ. (2016) Modification of embryonic resistance to heat shock in cattle by melatonin and genetic variation in HSPA1L. Journal of Dairy Science, 99:9152–9164. doi:10.3168/jds.2016-11501.

Ortega MS, Denicol AC, Cole JB, Null DJ, Hansen PJ. (2016) Use of single nucleotide polymorphisms in candidate genes associated with daughter pregnancy rate for prediction of genetic merit for reproduction in Holstein cows. Animal Genetics, 47:288-297. doi: 10.1111/age.12420.

Selected Book Chapters

Reproductive Management and Genetic Selection. Giordano JO*, Ortega MS*. (2021) Integrated Management of Intensive Dairy Systems. IRAC. Cordoba, Argentina. ISBN: 978-987-4428-11-0

Production and Culture of the Bovine Embryo. Tríbulo P, Rivera RM, Ortega MS, Jannaman EA, Hansen PJ. (2019) Comparative Embryo Culture. Pages 115-129. Humana, New York, NY.

Ortega MS*. (2018) Identification of Genes Associated with Reproductive Function in Dairy Cattle. Animal Reproduction. 15:923-932.

Selected Conference Proceedings

Drum JN, Madureira G, Macêdo MCG, Rosa C, Seneda M, Campos DB, Wiltbank MC, Sartori R, Ortega MS* (2021) 54 Evidence of sexual dimorphism in transcriptome of in vitro- versus in vivo-derived bovine embryos. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 34, 262-262.

Clark KN, Ortega MS* (2021) 45 Paternal effects on early embryo development in bovine. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 34, 257-258.

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Fallon L, Clark KN, Ortega MS* (2021) 56 Paternal contributions to early embryonic stress affect development in the bovine. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 34, 263-264.

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Franco-Johannsen GA, Pereira MH, Ortega MS, Reese ST, Vasconcelos JL, Spencer TE, Pohler KG (2021) Sire field fertility does not correlate with sire conception rate (SCR) score. Journal of Animal Science 99 (sup 3), 304-305.

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Stoecklein KS, Spate L, Murphy C, Ortega MS, Prather RS (2020) Improvement of bovine oocyte maturation in vitro through cytokine supplementation. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 32 (2), 222-222


University of Florida Research Foundation. License UF#- 12304 entitled, “Identification and Distribution of Slick-Haired Beef and Dairy Cattle”.

Society for the Study of Reproduction, Publications Committee

International Embryo Technology Society, Session Chair

Animal Reproduction Sciences Journal, Associate Editor

CABI Agriculture and Bioscience Journal, Associate Editor

Frontiers in Animal Sciences, Review Editor

Postdoctoral Research Poster Winner- The 14th Annual Gilbert S. Greenwald Symposium (2017)

Trainee competition runner up- SSR-ASAS Triennial Reproduction Symposium (2017)

Graduate Research Award- University of Florida Chapter of Sigma Xi (2017)

Student Research Competition Runner up- International Embryo Technology Society (2017)