Guilermo Martinez Boggio

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Office Location

Animal Sciences

1675 Observatory Dr, Office 436

Madison, WI, 53706

Guillermo Martinez Boggio is originally from Uruguay, where he earned his BS (2016) in Veterinary Science and his MS (2020) in Animal Science, all from Universidad de la República. He continued his graduate studies at Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse and INRAE (Toulouse, France) where he earned his Ph.D. (2023) in Animal Science. Before his Ph.D., Guillermo was a faculty member (2016-2019) in the Department of Animal Genetics at Universidad de la República. His research interests are in quantitative genomics. His research focuses on the development and application of methods to incorporate omics traits in livestock. His research involves gene mapping, genomic prediction, and multi-omics data integration.

Selected Peer Reviewed Articles 

Martinez Boggio, G., Marie-Etancelin, C., Menras, J-M., Tomas, R., Chemit, M-L., Gabinaud, B., Pascal, G., Meynadier, A. (2023). A large database linking the rumen bacterial composition and milk traits in Lacaune sheep. Scientific Data, 10: 17.

Martinez Boggio, G., Meynadier, A., Buitenhuis, A.J., Marie-Etancelin, C. (2022). Host genetic control on rumen microbiota and its impact on dairy traits in sheep. Genetic Selection Evolution, 54, 77.

Fresco, S., Marie-Etancelin, C., Meynadier, A., Martinez Boggio, G. (2022). Variation in rumen bacteria of Lacaune dairy ewes from one week to the next. Frontiers in Microbiology, 13:848518.

Martinez Boggio, G., Meynadier, A., Daunis-i-Estadella, P., Marie-Etancelin, C. (2021). Compositional analysis of ruminal bacteria from ewes selected for somatic cell score and milk persistency. PLOS ONE, 16(7), e0254874.

Martinez Boggio, G., Lema, M., Aguilar, I., Gimeno, D., Ravagnolo, O. (2021). Reproductive performance of Angus, Hereford, Salers and Nelore crossbred females: Additive and non-additive effects. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 138(6): 688-697.

Marie-Etancelin, C., Tortereau, F., Gabinaud, B., Martinez Boggio, G., Le Graverand, Q., Marcon, D., De Almeida, M-L., Weisbecker, J-L, Meynadier, A. (2021). Apart from the diet, the ruminal microbiota of lambs is modified in relation to their genetic potential for feed efficiency or feeding behavior. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12: 3265.

Martinez Boggio, G., Lopez, R, Macedo, F., Lema, M., Ravagnolo, O. (2020). Fixed environmental effects and connectedness of the genetic evaluation of the Limousin breed in Uruguay. Agrociencia, 24(1):1-8.

Selected Conference Proceedings

Martinez Boggio, G., Christensen, O.F., Legarra, A., Allain, C., Meynadier, A., Marie-Etancelin, C. (2022) Rumen bacteria do not provide improved genetic evaluation of dairy traits in sheep. In: 12th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production.

Martinez Boggio, G., Meynadier, A., Rupp, R., Allain, C., Buitenhuis, A.J., Marie-Etancelin, C. (2022). Evidence of genetic links between rumen bacteria and milk somatic cell score in Lacaune dairy sheep. In: 12th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production

Martinez Boggio, G., Meynadier, A., Rupp, R., Larroque, H., Allain, C., Marie-Etancelin, C. (2020). Effects of Lacaune ewe selection for somatic cell score and milk persistency on rumen bacteria. In: 71st EAAP Annual Meeting.

Excellence Award for BS in Veterinary Science, Universidad de la República (Uruguay).