Ambreen Hamadani

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Office Location

Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences Building, Weigel Laboratory

Dr Ambreen Hamdani (BVSc & AH, MVSc, PhD) completed her PhD in Animal Genetics and Breeding from SKUAST Kashmir, India and was also a Post Doctoral Fellow at the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. During her MVSc, she developed India’s first and only AI and IoT Driven Decision Support System for sheep farms (Smart Sheep Breeder). Her PhD work was centred around the use of Artificial Intelligence for the prediction of genetic merit in Animals. She is a gold medallist and the recipient of the DST Inspire Fellowship for PhD, Science and Engineering Board Post Doctoral Fellowship, India. She has published more than a hundred papers and a book. She has also won more than 30 international and national awards including (DST, Lockheed Martin, Tata Trust) India Innovation Growth Program 2019, National level Elocution and writing contests, debating contests, the young scientists award for best scientific presentation etc. She has been granted a copyright and has published a patent as well. She is currently working on computer vision for animal monitoring at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Selected Peer Reviewed Articles (no more than 15 works)

· Hamadani, A. and Ganai, N.A. 2022. Development of a multi-use decision support system for scientific management and breeding of sheep. Scientific Reports. 12(1).

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Selected Book Chapters (no more than 15 works)

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Selected Popular Press Articles (no more than 15 works)

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Selected Videos (no more than 15 works, must provide links)

· Citizen Science Outreach under Open Virus:

· National Elocution Competition:

Lecturer Division of Animal Genetics and Breeding , SKUAST Kashmir, 2022

Indian Agricultural Universities Association Outstanding thesis Award 2024

Sri. Cherala Bhagya Raja Ram Award for Innovative Research 2019

Sri. Thirunahari Murahari Award for Young Lady Scientist 2019

Dr. DK Bidarkar Award for M.Sc./ M.V.Sc Research 2019

Dr. N.S.R. Sastry Young Scientist Award 2019

Best Poster Presentation International Open Access Week at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, 2017

2nd prize, Rock Writers Group Short Story Competition, 2013 (Gibraltar, Europe)

Best PG Thesis Award International Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Allied Science Research, 2019, Rama University, Kanpur.

Best Oral Presentation International Conference on Worldwide Research Initiatives for Agriculture, Science and Technology, Kashmir University, 2018

2nd Prize Virtual International Conference, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Orathanadu and College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Pookode, 2021.

Winner Jaipur Bookmark, Jaipur Literary Festival-2017 (Jaipur)

Winner India Innovation Growth Program (IIGP 2.0- 2019), IIT Bombay

1st Position Debating Competition in 19th All India Inter-University Youth Festival, 2014, NDRI, Karnal

1st Position Twist A Tale – Jury Competition, 2015, AMU (Aligarh)

1st Position National Elocution Competition, ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Sciences & Banaras Hindu University (2021)

1st Prize Short Story Competition, 2018, AMU (Aligarh)

2nd Best Poster National Symposium ISAGB, FVSc & AH, SKUAST- Jammu. 29-30 May, 2019

2nd Position National Symposium and XX Annual Convention of SOCDAB – 2023, during 23-24 February, 2023

2nd Position Debating Competition in Resurgence-2016, SMVDU (Katra)

Best Oral Presentation 3-day National Seminar on Horizons in Zoological Studies, Kashmir University, 2018

1st prize 27th Annual Convention of the Indian Society of Animal Production and Management (ISAPM) at Department of Livestock Production Management, Jaipur.

Best Poster Presentation15th Agricultural Science Congress, ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Sciences & Banaras Hindu University (15 Nov 2021)

Certificate of Excellence All India Young Natural Wings Essay Competition-2015 organized by Natural Remedies (Bangalore)

Winner Women’s Chess event in 2nd Inter-College Indoor Sports Talent Show, 2015 organized by Govt. Medical College (Srinagar)

Student of the Year 2021, SKUAST Kashmir

Achiever of the Year 2022, SKUAST Kashmir